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Seeing the Light (and Other Types of Bulbs!)

* What’s the deal with Halloween lights?  Honestly, folks, as moms, do we really need to encourage the hanging of strings and strings of orange Halloween lights?  Yes, they look nice, but I felt a dreaded lump in my stomach when I saw the first ones in my neighborhood a week or so ago. What’s next?  Thanksgiving lights?  Valentine’s Day lights? Ground Hog Day lights?  I’m a fan of a creepy Halloween, but I’m not a fan of this kind of holiday-lighting creep.

Image of Home with Exterior Lighting* A well-lit home, however, is nice, and frankly, is important for some real reasons.  One, it increases your curb appeal, and if you are trying to sell your home (or just like coming home to some place pretty), yes, that matters.  Two, it makes it easier to enjoy your home exterior (and with Daylight Savings Time ending this weekend, you don’t want your ability to enjoy a beautiful back yard like the one pictured to end, too, do you?) Another important lighting benefit is increased home security.  Yes, I know it’s just common sense that if you have lights around your home, you most likely don’t have burglars in your bushes.  But seriously, when’s the last time you took a walk around your home and checked on this?  Take a few moments and ask yourself where someone might hide, and not to jump out and say boo!

Image of Outdoor Path Lights* What’s more, this one is an emerging issue that you may have already faced at your home.  As people age, their eyesight changes and seeing in dim light gets harder .  (Have you noticed how many restaurants are making reading glasses available for all of us who are starting to struggle to read the menus in that “mood” lighting?)  Also, folks often find uneven ground a bit harder to navigate as they age, and extra lighting ensures safer footing (why stop taking moonlit strolls in your garden just because it’s dark out and you can’t see the path?  There are so many solar lighting options now for places like this on your landscape).   If you have seniors living with you (or, ahem, if you yourself are doing that aging thing), then adding more lighting is probably something that will improve your enjoyment and safety of your home.  See very cool solar lights for outdoor stairs here.  And see The Sandwich Generation: How Your Home Changes here and another post about how technology can help with what’s called “aging in place.”

* Thinking about a different type of bulb rather than light bulbs?  The Kudzu Must-Do 52 weekly enewsletter last night got me thinking bulbs, too.  As in, tulip bulbs.  Now’s the time.  And for us food-growing folks, get going on the garlic bulbs.  It’s kind of a dream crop, by the way.  You pop them in now and harvest in June or so, without really doing much in between. Here’s how: separate the bulb into cloves, plant pointy side up about an inch under loose soil (oh, and you have to use organic or bulbs specifically for growing because otherwise they have been ‘treated” with something you don’t want to know about that keeps them from sprouting), water, and wait.

Need help “seeing the light” or burying your bulbs in the dark?  Find lighting specialists, electricians, and landscapers on Kudzu who can help.


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