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Plant Fall Veggies and Fruit Trees, Keep Bees, or Veg Out and Let The Leaves Do the Work for You

* Okay, I’ve tap-danced around it in a few posts, but it’s finally time to give you a few suggestions about getting your fall veggie garden in (if you haven’t done so already).  Here in Atlanta, it feels like The Year in Review out there as our summer crops linger on a bit longer and […]

Cliff-Hangers That Could Be Your Dream Home

* So I was walking with my friend yesterday morning (as all good moms do as a way to multi-task exercising and catching up with friends), and we saw a house across the river, teetering on the edge of a hill (sort of like the one pictured, but more so).  “Pretty view, but that poor […]

Get Ready for Emergencies–or Get Help Recovering from One

*Wow, that was some weekend, wasn’t it?  If you don’t live on the East Coast, you most likely know someone who does and had your heart in a knot just worrying as Hurricane Irene roared her way north.  Some media stories are quickly suggesting it was not as big a deal as expected, but lost […]

Pesty Projects on Which (C’mon, Admit It) You May Need a Little Help

* Say the word “Bermuda” to an organic gardener in the hotter regions of the country and we’re not thinking about an island getaway.  We’re groaning about the never-ending growth of Bermuda grass in our veggie beds and paths.  That stuff spreads like mad and can best be described, on a day when I’m trying […]

Creating a “Sense of Place” for Your Home, Using Regional Architectural Details

Home architectural styles across America and how they influence home design – what style are you? * Yesterday, my younger daughter and I went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden and the High Museum.  These two places are both in the Midtown section of Atlanta, and getting from one to the other is as easy as […]

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