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Cafe Intermezzo Inc.

Posted on: 6/11/2011


THERE WAS A FULL SIZED COCKROACH IN OUR HOT CHOCOLATE. My mom, my sister-in-law and I went to Intermezzo for some dessert. We ordered two hot chocolates, a mimosa, and a sambuco cake. My mom ate all of the whipped cream off the hot chocolate first with her spoon then began to drink the hot chocolate itself. She drank more than half of her hot chocolate before realizing the disgusting cockroach floating upside down. My mom didn't even notice anything at first. I thought it was chocolate shaving. My sister-in-law found it strange and took her spoon and scooped it up. We both screamed out loud and she dropped the spoon back into the cup. My mom then went to the restroom to vomit. It took us forever to get the attention of a host. Once we got the manager, things got worse. The manager didn’t take responsibility and all she said was "I didn't put it there." and "It already happened, and I can't do anything." As a manager she should’ve AT LEAST asked if there's anything she could do for us regarding the incident. She then brought a male manager. He comes up to us and has the nerve to ask how we would like to take care of the bill. SERIOUSY? My mom needs to go to the doctor's for a check-up now. I just wish to warn you about my horrifying experience here so everyone can reconsider before you end up drinking cockroaches. I have pictures if you need help to be persuaded.

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