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Georgia Reproductive Specialists (GRS)

My 2 beautiful children thanks to GRS

We tried for 7 years with all kinds of home remedies, wives tales, cultural traditions, alternative methods and nothing worked. Finally we came to GRS and they guided us through the IVF process. Unlike what we often heard from other couples, it was very simple and smooth for us. At the end of the month GRS retrieved 6 good eggs from me; 3 fertilized; and 2 were transferred into me. That was more than 2 years ago and now my beautiful son is 18 months old. Parenthood is truly a gift and best thing that's ever happened. We were so satisfied with the services and process, we decided to have a second child. GRS transferred my remaining egg when my son was 13 months old, and we won the jackpot! This time we are expecting a girl and I am now almost 7 months into my pregnancy. Thank you GRS!