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Antico Pizza Napoletana

Posted on: 8/10/2011

Don't listen to these nincompoops ...

So what these special needs people seem to be missing is the point of this entire venture - the pizza might not be to their liking, cooked in three giant ovens named after saints. There's a reason for that. This is real Italian pizza. You know how I know? because the dudes cooking it are burly, sweaty ITALIAN MEN. Not Olive Garden Italian, either. The real deal. The seating arrangement is meant to be family-style, so if you think you might have a total mental breakdown if you're forced to sit adjacent to a total stranger (and God forbid, TALK to them), then no, you probably won't like this place. Oh, and did I mention that, they have a great drink selection? They do. And that's because they work so hard to bring great pizza to your face hole, that they don't have time to get a liquor license. But you benefit because it's BYOB! So whatever wine you happen to love, you can buy at the liquor store down the street without paying a terrible overhead, bring it to your table, and share it with your new friends. There is absolutely nothing bad about this place. Yeah the seating might not be convenient, but if you're looking for that, or better customer service, go to effing Olive Garden!

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