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Trademark Roofing

Excellent Service

Mr. Austin and Trademark Roofing have completed one improvement, two repairs and one emergency call on my home’s roof. The improvement and repairs were quick, clean, professionally completed and reasonably priced, but the emergency call really showed how Trademark Roofing goes above and beyond. It was 1PM on New Year’s Day. I heard a ‘pop’ and a ‘fizz’ in my master bedroom. The light in the ceiling fan dimmed and water began to run down the fan’s pull chain onto the foot of the bed. Uh oh! I put some towels down to catch the running water and called Mr. Austin, expecting to leave a voicemail since it was New Year’s Day. He not only answered, but was at my home within 75 minutes. They could not find any evidence of water inside the attic, but Mr. Austin located the one ‘nail pop’ in the roof that was responsible for the leak. He sealed the area and solved the problem. Trademark Roofing has provided excellent service before, but this truly exceeded my expectations. K. B., East Point