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Adrenaline Fitness & Wellness

Posted on: 2/6/2012

An honest review...

I've been at adrenaline for almost a year now. Here's the truth about this gym: YES. They really focus on their group exercise classes. However, idk about the other reviewers, but when I first took a tour to see this gym, this was their very obvious selling point. If you aren't interested in group fitness, this gym might not be for you. That being said, I also see and talk to quite a few athletes who do figure competitions. They've been with Adrenaline for years and are more than happy. I've never had a problem finding weights to use in the free weight section. There has always been a machine or bench free when I needed it. The classes are usually FANTASTIC. Incredible instructors who really care. Especially Jake, Candace, and Monika. Are there some super snooty rude instructors too? Of course. This is life. If you don't like one or two instructors, there are 10 more that are down to earth and always helpful. The locker rooms...yes they are pretty nasty. They've been getting worse recently. I NEVER EVER walk around in there w/o flipflops on. The carpets in front of the showers are growing things. I'm only in the locker room for 5 min max. I don't shower there often enough to really care that much. Do I wish they would invest a little more money into a good cleaning staff and shower renovations? YES. Will the kind of gross bathroom make me cancel my membership? NO.

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