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Posted on: 2/7/2012

You can't make this stuff up!

You folks have gotta hear this! I called these clowns about a year ago for a clogged sewer line after another company couldn't fix a clog. He quoted me a price of $1000 to replace a pipe he suggested was wrong, so I approved the job. The plumber ran a snake through my line and broke through a check valve that went to my sewage pump in the basement. I ran to tell him to turn off his snake because he was tearing up my pump. After he finished the job, and before he left, I had to make sure my pump was working, and of course it wasn't. This clown tried to blame the other plumbing company. I told him to take off the check to see if he damaged it with the snake. This thing was shredded all to heck, but he tried to convince me it would still work properly. Yeah right you crook! I told him he was not getting a dime until he made the repair. He gets upset and goes to get a replacement part. He comes back and during the repair, the cuts himself and drips blood on my carpet, and on my stair handrails. To top it all off, this fool took my extension cord out of my garage, used it, and left it in my driveway. Idiots with wrenches. Oh, after spending $1000 and two plumbing companies and 3 master plumbers later, my line clogged up again within days. I made the repair myself for $300.

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