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Called them to service one of my investment properties, one of the toilets was constantly running and we knew it would have to be rebuilt. They schedule the service call for between 2:00 to 4:00. Their so called technician showed up after 6:00. The last message I received from them was at 4:00 telling me that the technician was on his way! I received a call from the supposed technician telling me that they needed to replace the entire toilet, rebuilding it wasn't worth it because it would cost me $500!! So he would instead replace the entire toilet for the bargain price of $600 and if I paid $149 extra he would do me a favor and guarantee their work for life and unclog another toilet that the tenant was complaining about. He went on to say that to unclog the toilet he would have to pull the entire toilet apart. When I suggested that he could just snake the clog out he replied, yes I can, I'll do that. The tenant went ahead and paid out of their pocket to have the toilet unclogged before I could warn them not to and paid $149 for 10 minute work. To add insult to injury they still charged my account the 29.95 call charge that was supposed to be waived if they were hired to do the job. BTW I subsequently paid someone else $115 to rebuild the toilet and it's working perfectly. Either they have a new scammer working for them or the rest of the reviews in this site are FAKE. Consumer BEWARE!!

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