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Greatly Satisfied Ellenwood Customer

I used this customer last week and finished up this week. Prior to my calling, I read the reviews and yes,unfortunately Herman does show up late! First day he told me he'll be there in an hour and appeared 3 hours later. I mentioned that to him and his response was," he gave me a window time". Not True! I also mentioned 90% of his post says his tardy. I understand, because I think he thinks he is giving you a window of time. He needs to clarify the window.:) However, he and his son fixed my refrigerator w/o a problem, the price quotes were accurate, the work is excellent, they are professional, and I referred his business and he picked up another satisfied customer. I will continue to use them. Honesty, professionalism, and REALISTIC PRICING are characteristics I hold value to when dealing with Independent Contractors. I hope I do not have to call you often, but if so, you will be the only one I would prefer to complete any household challenge that I cannot! Thank you, Greatly Satisfied Customer in Ellenwood. T. Wash