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HP Exteriors, LLC

Posted on: 4/23/2013

You will be treated like family. Not a number

I will start off my saying that any time you have to spend 5 figures on anything it is never an easy pill to swallow. It is even worse when the person trying to get your sale treats you as a number and not a person. You are NOT going to get that from HP Exteriors. As the title of this review states Chris and Harmony will treat you like family and be there with you every step of the way. The siding and painting crew are both quick and do an excellent job from start to finish. Residing your house is not a decision that you make overnight and everyone at HP Exteriors knows this. You have lots of question. Chris and Harmony have lots of answers. I guarantee that once you decide to sign the contract you will not be disappointed.

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 Before siding Front of house
 Before siding Back of house
 New Siding and Paint front of house
 New siding and Paint back of house
 New siding and Paint front side of house

New Model Construction LLC

Posted on: 3/8/2012

These guys Care!

John Dyer (Co-Owner) worked hard to get my business and made sure every question I asked had been answered and that every detail was covered. I initially thought I would have to pay to get this roof done myself, but I decided to call my insurance company anyways to see what they would do. John made it a point to be at my house 30 mins before the Insurance adjuster. With his help he convinced the insurance adjust that there was enough damage from hail that warranted a full replacement of my roof. In one day he managed to save me 5500+ dollars. After signing the contract with John on Friday he had the material (Shingles, Felt, roof vents) and dumpster at my house by 10am Tues. John and his crew were at my house by 7:30am Wed. John stay at my house with his crew through the whole day and supervise and replacement start to finish. His guys worked very quickly and had the roof done by 5:30pm that day. I work from home so I was able to take breaks from work every so often to look at the progress. If I had question or concerns he addresses them on the spot. There was some damaged ply wood in different spots on the roof; a little more than we initially estimated. He took care of it and did not charge me extra for it. Once his crew was finished he had the outside of the house looking pristine. I walked the perimeter of the house and did not find a single nail or tack anywhere. John also spent the time to take some before and after pictures.

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