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Late Sunday afternoon I came home to my son who was busy shutting down electrical items in the house and opening windows. There was a strong electrical burn smell. I finished unplugging appliances and switching circuit breakers. I called the power company and left a message. I also called Snappy in Marietta who quickly arranged for an electrician. About an hour later, Mike arrived and quickly investigated the circuit panel and the power meter. Both checked out OK. He found that one pole had 140V and the other had 100V--not good--both should be about 120V. He said that the fault was between my house and the transformer box. Meanwhile Marietta Power called and sent out a crew. Mike stayed and monitored the crew's investigation. He also gave me information about what to expect after an over-voltage and how I could minimize the effect. He spent time making sure things were OK, gave me a written report, and the charge was only $69. Marietta Power confirmed his finding and they were able to get us temporary power until they could later locate the fault in their underground line. The fault blew out five surge suppressors (they caused the bad smells). I have three more surge suppressors that will likely have to be replaced too. The Belkin, Triplite, and Isobar surge suppressors did their jobs. The Belkin ones blew completely, which prevented further damage from the continued high voltages.

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