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Peachford Hospital

Posted on: 9/5/2012


My mother was admitted in December 2011. She has Dementia and was only supposed to be in Peachford for about three days. Due to coverage issues, she was there for over a month. Before she was admitted, she walked around her nursing home about 8 hours a day - a constant walker. I saw her on her feet the day she was admitted to Peachford - the day before Christmas - and she has never walked again. While under Peachford's care, she was grossly overmedicated and lay in a geriatric chair 24 hours a day. When she had to visit the ER for a severe bladder infection, we thought it odd that she had 3 diapers on. They. Were. Not. Changing. Her. She sat in her own filth as the nurses simply slapped one pair of diapers over the next. Because they simply drugged her and did not shift or move her, she developed necrotic tissue on her heels from where her feet were constantly resting on the geriatric chair. Her foot tissue died. She has not walked since. If you even remotely care for your loved one - RUN - don't walk, RUN away from this absolutely abhorrent place. This is the worst regret of my life. I will never forgive myself for putting my mother through this torture.

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