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Pep Boys

Posted on: 9/27/2012

Messed up repairs

I took my car in for the brake pads and rotors to be replaced, to have the tires rotated and an alignment done. I was advised that they wouldn't have the time to do the alignment and rotors (after I had made an appointment) because the shop closed in an hour and a half and it would take that long to do the brakes and rotors. Ok, I understand that, however, they called me 30 minutes early because the car was done. Really? When I picked up my car and started driving it, I could hear what sounded like metal grinding on metal. I stopped and called them just to be advised that there was nothing they could do about it tonight. Really? They work on my car, screw it up and won't fix it? When I've already told them I need it to get to work tomorrow? Then the guy says I can have it towed there? No, I don't think so. They will resolve the issue, and I'll make sure I never, ever take it - or any of my other vehicles- back to ANY Pep Boys, nor will I ever buy anything from them again.

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