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Sky Wash Detail Lube

Posted on: 11/16/2012

Lack-luster service

The service here is at best lack luster. By the way, the owner probably won't be reading this. In his own words "I don't care about any of the reviews people post about us". When I took my 2004 silver mercedes c230K, it came out with a damaged driver's side door handle. After filing a complaint the same day, no one responded to any of my return calls or emails for a month. I eventually had to physically show up and track down one of the employees who was finally able to set up an appointment with the owner. Only after I had to call back twice no less. If you've ever had an issue with your car being damaged at this car wash, don't expect ANYTHING from them. Based on several other reviews I've read, the owner seems to repeat himself a lot. "Basically all luxury cars are made like crap, including Mercedes, BMW's, etc". Yep, that's what he actually believes. I finally take my car in on Nov. 16, 2012 around 11.30am (yes, I want him to know who wrote this), and of course I get the same story, and on top of that, how he doesn't feel remotely responsible for the damage done to my car, and offers me some stupid car washes. Really? Car washes? He then proceeds to become a demeaning jerk. As we were talking, I glance at my phone for a few seconds as I'm expecting an important message, and then he says this...."Excuse me, I don't want to have a three way conversation with you and your phone, so please pay attention to me, or look at your phone". Continued...

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