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Seraphim Skin Care

Posted on: 2/17/2013

Worst Facial Results Ever!

I specifically stated that I wanted my pores cleared, pointed out the bumps on my skin to the aesthetician, Cindy, since she didn't seem to notice them. She ignored all of my concerns. Instead of doing extractions as has been done on facials at other companies for me, she skipped that entirely. I asked her whether she thought that the peel alone would get rid of my clogged pores and she said, "Yes." Yet by that evening, they became larger and more showed up. As for the massage, it was akin to how one pets their cat....light stroking that was barely felt. Nail salons do a much better job with at least some pressure on the muscles. Both the facial and massage were disappointing. I was not told what to do after the treatment room, so planned on leaving the typical poor service tip. There were other customers in the front room, but no one said anything to me or acknowledged that I was even there, so I sat in a chair waiting to check out. After a long wait, Lil finally came over and said she could take the tip to Cindy for me since she was busy with other customers. Yet even Lil rudely walked away before I could even get the money out of my wallet. I'm used to someone waiting with a glass of water afterwards, thanking me for coming, asking how I liked my treatment, etc. Post-Kudzu Update: It was nice to receive a call from Lil offering a free facial after this review, but I'm hesitant to accept. The lack of courtesy and respect received at that visit is still highly unsettling.

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