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Great Expressions Dental Care

Posted on: 3/21/2013

Never go there. Dishonest, Poor hygiene, Terrible

I was treated by Doctor Ali Harandi. The doctor did not tell me there are different materials for crowns but simply chose a most expensive one for me -- all porcelain/ceramic. It is pretty but not as strong as and does not last as long as porcelain fuse with (high noble) metal. Since I'm having the crown for a molar I want the strong one but not the expensive one. After I found out about the difference between materials, they keep lying to me that 1. Different material has different pressure case, that they cannot change the material with the existing case. (Lori said that to me right after my buildup.) 2. All porcelain/ceramic is as strong as porcelain fused with (high nobel) metal. This is not the same as what I can found everywhere on the Internet. 3. They lied to me that the doctor would call me back and delayed the issue until the factory is already making the material they want to sell to me. The doctor did not disclose all the treatment options to me and ignored patient right. They want to squeeze as much money as they can out of a poor student's pocket. And they would recommend deep cleaning for everyone. The meter used to measure gum distance is not disposable. It's terribly slow to have any appointment there. 3 hours (both for me and my friend at different days) for 1st examination. 3 hours for root canal. And no matter how long they made you stay, they only provide one hour parking validati

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