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Pendley & Pendley Appraisers

Posted on: 5/29/2013

Word of mouth paid off.

Our appraiser was very kind, thorough, and helpful. We were referred by a real estate colleague of our probate attorney after my husband's mom passed and we were inventorying her estate. Their reputation passed through two people to get to us and it was a great choice during a difficult time.

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Forsyth Exterminating

Posted on: 3/29/2013

Nothing but regrets.

Had raccoons in the attic. The first day of work their insulation vacuum broke, so they decided to pull down the ceiling and let the poop infested insulation into the main living area of the house, including the kitchen. They helped themselves to our tools. Expect daylaborers that don't speak english to be left unsupervised in your house. They dropped trash, masks, and gloves on the ground inside and out. I have poopy insulation still covering my yard. The workers rifled through the belongings in the house and they didn't fix the damage they left behind. Run away from this company as fast as you can. - Update - Raymond is awesome after being sent to clean up after Mario. Raymond gets 5 stars from me. I will deal with only him from now on if a warranty issue comes up. They can try and fix it, but they can't take back what was done to us and our home. I still stand behind my feelings of avoiding this company. Mario is the owner now and he is the one who lied, told excuses, cut corners, and produced shoddy work at a premium price. I wasn't born yesterday.

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 Front yard mess. Tip of the iceburg.
 Broke our railing with their ladder. Did not fix it when asked.
 Some of the many gloves just dropped in the yard.
 Mor gloves just dropped amid unswept drywall dust.
 Caked, dirty gloves among dust. Laborers used toilet and didn't flush.