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Posted on: 4/1/2013

I should have called Rid-A-Critter first

I had bats in my attic. I must have had bats in my belfry, too, because the first guy I called to remove them was a handyman sort of guy. You know, a jack of all trades type. That was a complete waste of money. The guy sure enough worked hard, but he couldn't get rid of the bats. They kept finding their way back in. So after a couple of weeks of that, I finally called Rid-A-Critter. Their price seemed very high at first until I realized that these guys actually knew what they were doing. They sent a whole crew of guys with ladders and lift trucks, installed some sort of one-way bat doors, sealed up all the holes and cracks, and even found and fixed a bit of water damage while they were poking around. Plus, they vacuumed up all the bat poop and carted it away, and sprayed some stuff up there to freshen things up a bit. You know, get rid of that batty smell. So all in all, these guys aren't cheap, but they did get the job done, which the cheap handyman guy didn't. Plus I have a guarantee now. If the bats come back, Rid-A-Critter comes back. So yeah, I'm happy. Like I said, this company isn't cheap, but they do top-notch work.

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