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Aaron Plumbing, Heating and Air

Posted on: 6/8/2013

The right call.

My septic system failed. I had been dreading this for years, due to my complicated two tank system. Had I known about Aaron's I wouldn't have. I made an appointment, and got a call from George. He was running late on another job, but he had me describe my system and do some basic troubleshooting. We were able to rule out power failure. Despite the lateness of the hour, George arrived with Alan, the two of them ended up working into the night. They began running my problem down. They tried to determine if my pump was functioning. They bypassed the float switch and inspected the distribution box to the field lines after exhuming it. Nothing. It was clear the pump had failed and needed replacing. They pumped the tank, and removed the old pump after digging it out. George explained the importance of matching any new pump closely and took the old pump with him to do so. This gave me confidence the job was being done right. The next day they arrived with a new pump. The tank was pumped empty and pressure washed clean, a surprise to me. They installed the new pump along with new piping for better performance. Only after Alan made sure I was satisfied with the state of my yard did they leave. Afterwards, a minor problem occurred, but because of Aarons' guarantee they returned immediately taking care of it at no charge. They surpassed my expectations, I'm glad I chose Aaron's.

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