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Zenergize Wellness Spa

Posted on: 5/18/2013

Excellent Spa

This is a response to Crissie's comment below. She is angry because she wanted to cancel three appointments 2 hours prior to her appointment time. There was no emergency. My business, like virtually ever other spa, has a 24-hour cancellation policy spelled out in the daily deal coupons which she had purchased. I explained that late cancellations thrash my therapists time and earnings, and my business. When she booked the 3 appointments, she made a commitment which SHE decided at the last minute she would not honor. When I told her I would enforce the 24-hour cancellation, she became angry. There was still time for her to come, but instead she chose the lower road of bitter complaint. She is mad that I did not ignore our policy and give in to her. That is what this is about. Nat Parker, Owner and General Manager

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