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Alan Cox Automotive

Posted on: 5/19/2013

Tried to rip me off!!!

Tried to rip me off!!! Ok, so when I got a $450 estimate at another garage for an altinator for my wife's car, I called Allen Cox Auto to price one out. So they told me it would be $430. I asked why it was so expensive given that autozone quoted me $130 for the part. They explained that Autozone was a rebuilt part and that their product was a factory part which would be more reliable. OK fine. 3 days later I took my wifes car there and dropped it off over night. They called me the next day and quoted me a price of $690 to replace her Altinator!!! I told them I was the one to call in and ask for a quote several days before and why did they quote me $430 to begin with? The guy said that He must have looked up the wrong part number. I told them to forget about it, I would take it somewhere else. They said they could also put in a rebuilt altinator for $575. What!!!!! So What happened to the factory altinator that they quoted me for $430 days before? So I told them I would come pick it up and take it somewhere else. 30 secconds later I got a call back saying they would go ahead and do it for $450. I get the feeling you cant trust any mechanics these days and these guys do not help the reputation. I would not trust theses guys!!!

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