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Posted on: 5/24/2013


The owner was responsive and provided a quote to paint entire house and stain the fence. All sounded good and had confidence in the owner. Showed-up and fixed rotted wood and pressure washed the exterior. The painting started - First Issue: They use a sprayer to paint the windows. Since we have muntins this meant that 90% of the window was painted over. This was performed on a Friday/Saturday. No work on Sunday meant that we had to live in a dark cave for the weekend. Not ideal. Called to ask the owner about this on Sunday and he said it was normal. Would have been nice to know. Second Issue: They use scrappers to scrape the paint off of the windows. Sounds efficient until you realize that there are gouge marks in the wood around the windows and muntins. Since the paint is scraped off, there is no good seal between the glass and the wood. So, plenty of places for water to get in. That along with the gouge marks kinda made the whole job pointless. Third problem: Less than a month later I notice plant growth (tiny mushrooms) growing on the scrapped exposed wood of the window. Fourth problem: A ten foot section of fence was not quoted in the original job. No big deal, I will pay the extra cost, but the owner asked for an unreasonably high amount of money to cover the additional work. Approximately a quarter of the total job cost. I guess you get what you pay. This paint job is not going to last. Its a shame, the owner did appear to care.

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