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Poor Installation and Customer Service

1. They installed the wrong equipment: Plenum was mis-sized causing the unit to run inefficiently and not cool for more than a month. We contracted for but did not get a Wifi thermostat. 2. Their installer was poor and damaged my home. He improperly located the furnace in attic so proper sized plenum would not fit. He improperly installed and cracked the condensate pipe and which let to water damage in the room below. He damaged landscaping when removing the old unit by himself. He disconnected wrong AC unit at first, leading to a power surge which fried our Nest thermostat. 3.Their repair process was poor: Two of their OWN repairmen told me the system was mis-matched and would NEVER function properly. It took two visits to fix the broken condensate pipe and 4 visits to fix the plenum- including the third where they took a short cut that made it worse. Their attempt to repair water damage was poor. 4. Their response to problems was hypocritical and dishonest Everyone should pay their bills-including THEM- but they REFUSE to pay for damage done to my house; (In fact, we have even offered to pay all EXCEPT damage they did but they ignored all attempts at communication so we filed BBB complaint.) They don't accept responsibility for their actions and they misstate facts, e.g. they have never returned a phone call. unit has been working since late August which is not "months".

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