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Got Carpets?LLC

Posted on: 4/2/2014

Dishonest business practices

First of all, they do not disclose on their Kudzu special that rooms over 300 sq ft count as two rooms. Nor do they say that closets and hallways are an extra $22.50 each. Contrary to what the Kudzu ad states, she tried to charge my wife extra for spot cleaning. By the time they got finished with all the add-ons, it wasn't a very good deal. The bottom line is that she charged double for my master bedroom by telling my wife it was over 300 sq ft. I wasn't there, but when I got home I measured the room, including the areas in the bay window using the correct mathematical formulae for those areas. The master bedroom is 296 square feet. So we got ripped off. They also failed to itemize the bill, which resulted in an additional $12.50 being added to the bill which could not be accounted for. I threatened them with legal action and they mailed a check back. I don't really understand all the good reviews. I will avoid like the plague and recommend you do as well. If you do use them, you'd better measure all rooms they say are over 300 sq ft and check your invoice very carefully to ensure you are not overcharged. Update: Notice in their response to my review that they completely failed to address their misrepresentation of the room size that resulted in the erroneous and dishonest double charge for the master bedroom.

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