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Chateau Animalia

Terrible experience for my dog and I

I was blown away by how rude the staff was especially James as noted in other reviews. The first experience they charged over a $1,000 dollars without permission just to tell us our dog needed to see someone else because they couldn't perform procedure telling my girlfriend the dog was close to dying. The other place just hooked dog to Ivs etc very simple procedures they could have performed. The next time our dog was staying in there hotel I went to pick up the dog for her I was told by James twice to wait 5 minutes which was very rude considering I was patiently waiting and he was with a customer. Then as soon as I took a seat, with an attitude he asked what I was waiting for, I told him I was going to wait 5 minutes and than pick up my girlfriends dog . He had the nerve to say no dogs were being picked up for the day, all the time neglecting the lady he was talking to at the counter running the same spell of charges I've heard before. Why was he continuing to tell me over and over I was going to have to wait 5 minutes when I hadn't said anything, very weird and rude when he had 1 customer ahead of me. This was all in early hours so the need for him to be rude and dramatic was completely unessesary all he had to do was phone my girl the dog was already paid for. It's not like I arrived 5 minutes until closing even if I did the customer service still needs to be there. Terrible experience.