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Physiotherapy Associates Inc

Posted on: 7/7/2007

If you want to be treated like a dog this is it.

I went to Physiotherapy and they knew I had Medicare which would pay the Bill. They tried to collect from Workers' Comp and my wife also had Aetna who denied benefits until they could show them Workers' Comp did not pay. They refused to do that and negotiated what was fair and reasonable with Aetna and I received a Final Bill aroud $900.00. Later , they sued me for over $2,000.00 and garnished my wages by using Hanna & ASSocites. Specifically, Dennis Henry. They then switched from Fulton to Gwinett to sue me. If Aetna negotiated a fair price of around $900.00, why would you sue someone who you would not file the right Insurance for almost 2,000.00 and attorney's fees to one without Insurance. That is your compassion for your employees.Mark Greenspan evaluated me for one visit and I was with a student in training the rest of time and charged the full amount. I went in and got my things I would need and unsupervised rode the bike, goy my on ice, ang get sued double and then some over what you tell Aetna was fair. Then you would not submit them a bill showing Worker's Comp did not pay. You have the bills and know you are suing for double plus what the treatment should have cost because I am not rich and cannot fight it in court yet. I will be suing you for inflating the final bill you sent me only because I cannot fight you now. You do not do this to all of your disabled patients, I hope. I also am going to re submit the bill to Medicare.

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