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Always consistant+++

Consistant in every way. Service, food, wine, staff, reliable, always a favorite. Wide varietyof food, seasonal menu, wine pairings and tastings offered. I have seen this place grow since inception, Im glad to see it succeed as so few do in Atlanta coming up with "new trendy" concepts. No concept here but pure enjoyment of the food! Maybe that's why they are so successful.... HIGHLY recommend

The Warren City Club

PERFECT RETREAT from medicority

Daily dinner or special occasion, I frequent the Warren at least once a week. Love the membership only factor, screens out alot of the rif raf and eliminates many problems that normal bars and restaurants have. This place has the concept down, you pay your $500++ annually and get FABULOUS service and food. The staff knows you, your drinks, are always friendly and on top of it! Fabulous concept Kristi Warren! I love the fact that not everyone can come in and ruin a good place like so many do when the word gets out. Not a "wannabe" be place, it is the place! It is all about customer service, so much that there is a wait list to become a member so existing members are never uncomfortable or overcrowded to provide the exceptional service they do! Will continue my membership as long as the Warren is here! Highly recommend everything about this place.

SPOT for Dogs, LLC

IMPECCABLE in every way

The ENTIRE staff, not just the owners are wonderful. My pound puppy loves coming here whether it's for daycare or to boarded. I fully trust them! We have all of our neighbors going too....the location is perfect for us and unlike other doggy daycares, which we have experienced, they are not just take a number and go. They genuinely care for your pet. Other daycares we attended had too many young people that were just there for a paycheck and had no interest in your pet or else took forever to check in and out, which defeats the purpose of dropping your dog and making it easy for you. They have ample room and lots of attention, no overcrowding here! I highly recommend Spot For Dogs, I have, to everyone I know!

Two Urban Licks

OVERRATED in every way

Overrated in every aspect of the word. Rude staff, bartenders especially. Do not know anything about "customer service" does not exist. Sommeliers...don't drink the wine here. Pricey for what you get. Can think of a 100 better places with food and service to go to before supporting this restaurant. Then again, most frequenting this venue are not there for food, service or the wine, rather they think it is a hip "urban" place, little do they know it's mediocrity at best.