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Cedar Point

Posted on: 10/22/2007

America's Roller Coast Delivers

The amusement park world seems to be divided into two categories. First, there's the classic amusement park, such as your Coney Islands or your Kennywoods which are built in a traditional fashion with carousels, roller coasters and ferris wheels with little to no theming. Then, there's heavily themed offerings by Disney, Universal, and perhaps to a lesser extent, Busch Gardens which immersify you in rich surroundings to take you in to a world of its own. As far as the former is concerned, Cedar Point is arguably the best of its kind. Cedar Point, located on an island now connected by a causeway, boasts 17 roller coasters and a plethora of rides that will keep you screaming all day long. Like any other amusement park, some of the roller coasters are winners (Millennium Force, Maverick, Raptor, Mantis and Top Thrill Dragster spring to mind), others not so much (Gemini, Corkscrew, Iron Dragon, Wildcat, and yes, even Magnum XL200). That being said, the good far outweighs the bad here in terms of rides. Thankfully, the park isn't all about pure adrenaline. The Peanuts gang, to whom we owe so much, has their own themed area complete with rides for budding coaster enthusiasts. Here you'll find mini-coasters like the Woodstock Express and Jr. Gemini, a Tilt-A-Whirl, and other rides that kids will eat up. The bottom line: If you want an adrenaline rush or the best pure amusement park experience around, take a trip to Cedar Point. You won't regret it.

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