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All Roof Solutions, Inc.

Posted on: 6/25/2014

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I'm not normally one to complain but I do want to share some information. The company sent roofers out on a Friday. It was only 1 that spoke vague English so that meant very little communicate with us. To start we were not told that our satellite would be removed from the roof so this was so unexpected. No only was the satellite remove, the contractors cut all the cable wires and was about to leave with the receiver before my husband stopped him. Next my husband looks out after the banging on the roof ceased for a moment and the contractors were cooking lunch on our front lawn, and some were laying in our flower bed asleep, others were also sleep under the trucks parked in our driveway. Trash (paper, empty water bottles, cans, etc.) was everywhere. My husband keeps our lawn manicure and was disgusted but never complained. So now we have dead grass in spots. Because the cable wires were cut we contacted our cable provider and they couldn't come until Monday which meant no television thru the weekend. As the crew was cleaning up, I see them in the back yard spraying water on each other with the water hose but using our water. I was appalled but stayed calm.

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