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Hamri Therapeutic Massage

Posted on: 12/9/2007

Best Therapeutic Massage !

Several months ago I walked into my Chiropractor's office in hopes of receiving a massage...I did not have an appointment, but I was in desperate need of some serious stress relief. The receptionist made a quick call to Hamri and she was there asap...boy was the Universe working with me on this day...little did I know that I was going to receive the best massage ever (and I have had several of them over the years)! I immediately knew that Hamri had healing/blessed hands because she instinctively went to every single 'problem area' on my body...without me directing her. I have had several sessions with her and each time, she goes straight to those areas on my body that ail me. Hamri is a little woman but her hands have incredible strength. Of the literally hundreds of massages I have had in my lifetime, those I receive from Hamri are the best...hands down! I have noticed a difference in those areas that plague me (my neck, my shoulders and my feet). I have read about Chakra massage and have been wanting to have one, but I know that when receiving a massage there is a transfer of energy from therapist to client and visa versa, therefore, I have been leery of letting just anyone practice this therapy on me. I am confident and comfortable with Hamri's hands, and look forward to my next session. She is a true healer and not just in it for the money. Yolanda J. Ash A new client for life :)

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