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Danish Delight Bakery

Unfortunately, this business has closed.

What used to be The Danish Delight Bakery is now closed. :-( While open, they created incredible baked goodies!!!

Douceur De France

We are lucky suburbanites!!!

In all fairness, I've never had a sit-down meal; I've only ordered cakes, pastries, etc. when needed for special occasions. I am VERY grateful that Douceur de France chose Roswell as one of their locations; places of this caliber aren't often found out in the suburbs. Pricing is fair, atmosphere is bistro, and everything I've tried takes me right back to Paris!


GREAT all around experience!!!

I'm not often impressed with a business, but Cheesecake.com (esp. Jason!) offers the BEST of all: an easy-to-use website, excellent customer service, and YUMMY cheesecake! I strongly recommend you try Cheesecake.com!

Canine Clippers, Inc Mobile Dog Grooming

#1 Dog Grooming!!! (and mobile, too!)

Through the years, I’ve tried many dog grooming services - both pet stores and mobile grooming - but none of these experiences were ever 100% satisfactory. Then, back in 2004, I found Canine Clippers (Mobile Dog Grooming). Ever since then, Teri arrives at my home as scheduled, and my ‘girls’ (Precious and Lilly, both Maltese) get groomed one at a time. Teri is very thorough, handles my girls with great care, and she delivers 100+++% satisfaction. I couldn’t be more pleased!!! Since finding Teri at Canine Clippers, I do NOT plan on ever switching! Why? > I know that the owner – Teri – will always be the only person to groom my girls (consistency & peace of mind!) > Teri is a consummate professional, and is great with my girls > Teri goes out of her way to please > My girls are groomed individually - no waiting in cages when they aren't being worked on > Teri’s mobile grooming van is always very clean: I know my girls won’t get fleas, kennel cough, parvovirus, etc. Plus, her van is fully equipped > She knows her stuff!!! Absolutely the BEST groomer I’ve ever used! Canine Clippers earns an A+++++++++!

Dog Wash Cafe

GREAT gooming salon!

In a last-minute pinch, I used the Dog Wash Café because it offers flea washes, and is close to my home. However, when Monica finished treating Precious and Lilly for fleas – plus a comprehensive groom – they looked GREAT!! Many factors impressed me about the Dog Wash Café, including how genuinely kind everyone is, the fact that they don’t use cages to store pre and post groomed dogs (they have several little play spaces instead), and they seem to care more about the quality – rather than quantity – of their work.

Rosie Nails

VERY highly recommended!!

If you get your nails done at a salon that uses acrylic, do yourself a BIG favor, and try Solar Nails. Tom, CC, and Kim at Rosie Nails are masters of their art. Solar Nails is a newer product used for nails that lasts for at least a month, and look BEAUTIFUL the entire time. The powder was developed by a dentist who adapted tooth bonding materials for application on nails. Isn’t that clever?!? And the results speak for themselves. If you try Solar Nails, I’ll bet you’ll never go back to acrylic!

California Pizza Kitchen

To-go ordering - below average

Twice now, I've ordered lunch to-go. The 1st time, the quality and quantity were both disappointing. I chalked it up to they were having an 'off' day. After all, my past experiences with CA Pizza Kitchen were all positive, but that was over 10 years ago when I lived in CA. Unfortunately, my 2nd try here in ATL was as disappointing as the 1st. Both times, I ordered a salad: The romaine lettuce in the salad had big chunks of the white spine, with little green included. Although I'd asked for dressing on the side, both times, they saturated the salad with dressing. Too much salad dressing + waiting several minutes before eating = limp salad mush. Also, both times, the amount of chicken in the salad was about 2-3 oz. At least the overall amount they served was so small that I didn't waste much. Also, both times, I tried their "Curb-Side Service". Ha! After waiting nearly 10 minutes both times, I gave up and went in to get my order. Won't be going back, especially if it's a to-go order!

Alpine Bakery

Absolutely the BEST!!!!!

This is the bakery I hoped to find when I moved from LA to Atlanta in '98. It was worth the wait!!! Since Alpine opened about 5 years ago, I won't go anywhere else. My response to the reviewer who is put off because the products are not made on site: Get over it! Do you really expect a small strip mall retail store to have a big production bakery on site? The issue should be - are the products fresh, with pure ingredients, and tasty? If yes, then why should it matter that they don't bake on site? Anyway, I'm a true Alpine fan, and all my friends and colleagues have also become true Alpine fans. I'm glad I found them. Their credo seems to be "sell large portions of incredibly delicious pastries made with pure, old fashioned ingredients, and sell them for a reasonable price". Thank you, Alpine!


THE Best, in ATL!!

I've lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and now Roswell. Nagoya is the best sushi restaurant of all!! Fair pricing, excellent sushi and off-the-menu items, plus a great atmosphere!!

Neighbors Home Services

Excellent company

We chose Neighbors after seeing their yard signs all over our subdivision. Now that all the work is done (master bedroom and basement expansion and remodel), we are glad that we chose them. Our 'new' rooms turned out better than we'd hoped, plus Wally and his crew were the best. Thank you, Neighbors!