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Nikolai's Roof Restaurant

Very nice.

This restaurant is very nice indeed - both the ambiance and the view. The food is good across the board, and the 8-course prix fixe Chef’s menu is enormous in size. The flavored vodkas are excellent, especially the lime variety. The service was friendly and efficient, but as the room filled up, the waiters became scarce. The Dining Room (R.I.P.) it certainly is not - but then nothing is. Prices are not exactly in the "economy' class, however overall this is one of the best places in town.

HobbyTown USA


The franchise is good - their stores have a lot of interesting and good stuff, but the Kennesaw shop is simply awful. Total chaos; the salesmen are sloppily dressed with unkempt appearances. Totally unhelpful and useless, they're too busy playing with their toys to pay attention to customers. RC department is the worst - there I encountered a shamelessly rude fellow who was so engrossed in a chit-chat with his colleague that he could not even be bothered with answering simple product questions. WTH??! A disgraceful place.

Riverstone Animal Hospital

Lame business.

They set up the appointment day. They set up the appointment time. I arrived promptly, and there were no other customers waiting. The receptionist was nice, but nobody showed up to see me. I waited and waited and waited..... nothing. I walked out. Can't trust a business incapable of meeting a customer on time. Again, THEY made an appointment at THEIR convenience. Lame.

Bone's Restaurant


The place was very busy on a weeknight. The food was generally good: succulent fillet Mignon, tasty Truffle Butter Mashed Potatoes, delicious Kobe Tenderloin Carpaccio and the Bones Salad. The wine list is limited and the choices are quite pricey. The dessert was below average, almost on the level of a Happy Meal: too sugary Mountain High Pie, too heavy Dark Chocolate Torte with Vanilla Whipped Cream and Raspberry Coulis, and an almost rancid Key Lime Pie with Mango and Berry Coulis. The service was unacceptable for such a renown and expensive restaurant. The waiters were scarce and far between; equipping them with iPads does not make up for their shortage. Looks like Bone's can't keep up with its reputation.

William Reynolds Agency

Not just any scam...

But quite a blatant one. All the one-star reviews here describe the scene pretty accurately. William Reynolds (if that is his real name) is a special kind of a crook - the one that takes advantage of naive people who dream about getting their kids into the show business. Except he is not very good at it - you can see the phony from a mile away. He reminded me of an old goat - arrogant, smelly and rude. He could not care less about you or your child, but he would brag shamelessly and incessantly about himself to a complete stranger. There's something seriously wrong with this guy. His shtick is lame and transparent - all he talks about is money, money, money and he lies and lies and lies to your face, sometimes contradicting himself in a single sentence. It would actually be funny to watch this pathetic worn-out ignoramus desperately trying to eke out a living by brazen deception except that he apparently manages to bamboozle enough suckers to keep the charade going - and, as a result, people get hurt. When I refused to believe his fairy tales and fork over a $99 "deposit for pictures", he became visibly nervous and hurriedly tried to make me change my mind with more lies about the "opportunity slipping away" - kinda like a used car salesman when you are about to leave the lot full of "lemons". I just laughed. How does this clown sleep at night?

Joli Kobe Bakery & B

Avoid the cafe.

Good assortment of decent pastries, but the cafe part is just a meaningless afterthought - you'll get better service at a deserted truck stop. Definitely not the cheapest bakery around, but it is worth a try.

Appliance Repair Clinic Inc


The technician was late after "getting lost". No one called me to explain or apologize. No one cared. The dispatcher lied. After I declined the proposed service, the technician made a lame attempt to overcharge me for his "long driving". What a lame outfit...

Prudential Georgia Realty


Unprofessional people...should look for a different occupation. Real estate is a service business - with the emphasis on the word "service", where the commissions have to be earned - with the emphasis on the word "earned".

Sun Dial Restaurant & Lounge

Visit It Once

The place has certainly the view like no other. The service is good, the food is not bad at all. Nevertheless, Ritz-Carlton's The Dining Room (R.I.P.) it is not. While the atmosphere is warm, the overall fare is too pricey - definitely not suitable for regular dining. One visit will suffice, especially with someone from out of town.

River Cliff Animal Hospital

It's a shame.

Dr. Edwards as a specialist is as good as it gets - you won't find a more knowledgeable and experienced veterinarian. Her practice, however, is something entirely different. Her staff - especially on the front desk - is unprofessional and uncaring, and they essentially ruin her reputation. There has been a steady deterioration over the past few years - no-one seems to be minding the business anymore, and I wonder if Edwards even cares at this point. The clinic's best days are over, and it is clearly on its way out. What a shame.