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Island Pet Hospital

Good vet

They were able to get me in pretty quickly. Dr. Collins spent a lot of time showing me how to clean my dog's ears thoroughly. I didn't feel rushed and he was able to give my dog the right medicine to clear up a severe ear infection that other vets had not been able to help with. The price of the total visit and the meds were a little higher than other vets, but well worth it.

Audi Henderson

Great dealership

I went in and told these guys how much I wanted to pay a month and that's what I walked out with. None of the typical sleazy car salesmen tricks. I've taken the car in for service several times and they always end up fixing other minor things like a tail light out or problem with my power windows for free. Also, there have been a few times where I told them I couldn't afford a repair and they were able to lower the price quite a bit. Never had to bring my car back for service on the same problem - they fix it right the first time. The prices for parts/fluids are reasonable. I've had to buy power steering fluid a few times; $20 for a bottle that the other Audi dealer in town on Sahara tried to charge me $45 for. Would definitely buy another car from these guys.

Sushi Loca

Great sushi and environment

The restaurant is large and open with nice big tables. Even during really busy hours, we get in without a wait and always get a nice booth. The specialty rolls are $10+ but they are huge. 1 roll will fill up most people. The standard rolls are the typical price ~$6.50ish/ea. Service was fast and friendly. Will definitely visit often.

Peoples Auto Center

Horrible experience

Every aspect of our experience was negative. 1. Salesman was a foul mouth and just obnoxious. 40-something year old guy, I believe his name was Danny, dropping F-bombs every few seconds and talking like he was trying to prove he was cool and hip. We heard how often he got drunk and how he did a lot of drugs in the past; this was mentioned after every bone-head thing he did. 2. Bait and switch. We asked specifically to drive the model that was advertised for 199/mo lease. We even called before we got to the lot to make sure they had them available. Of course, after we drive one around, they come and say the car is a $350/mo lease because it was a much nicer model. We tell them we want the $199/mo model and surprise surprise, they are out of stock. They must have sold a lot of them really fast since it was only 5 mins from the time we called them to verify they had them available. We ended up landing on $300/mo. 3. After-deal scam attempt. They called us 3 weeks after we signed the contract saying they made a typo and we just needed to resign it. We get there and they say "No changes to the contract, you're still paying $312/mo!" I tell them its $300, not $312. They inform me that I'm wrong and they show me the contract that they didn't change anything except the 'units' whatever that is. Good thing I brought the original contract with me, because it said $300. They couldn't figure out how something like that happened.

Larson Air

Typical ripoff

The only good thing about this company is the response time. They were out about 2 hours after I called. They did some diagnostics and showed me a voltage reading they said was too high a 0.95, and that it should be under 0.90. This called for replacing the part for $650. I looked the part up later on google and found it for sale new at $129. A few days later same problem. They come out again and do the same diagnostics, this time the reading was 1.09, way over what he the said it should be and why we replaced that expensive part in the first place. When I bring this up, he responds "oh yeah, well that reading is totally normal for *that* type of part." He says I need another part, this time $500, but he'll give it to me for $350. He even showed me the price in his official little parts booklet. I refuse and he goes away. I took a picture of the part and wrote the part # down and looked it up afterwards... $39. I understand they need to mark the parts up to cover the costs of labor and other expenses, but this is just ridiculous. Anyways, I'm out $650 and get to come home to a house that's 100 degrees after work, in the middle of an extremely hot summer. Edit: Nice response. I'm sure you would want me to call immediately - so you can sell me more parts I don't need at a 1000% markup? Your words say you care, but your actions say lie and rob the customer blind. No thanks.

Lino's Pizza & Subs

Ok food, problems with delivery

After reading all of the reviews about how good the food was, I was excited for this place. After giving them a handful of tries, we have marked this place off our list for good. Food: We've had pizza, subs, and pasta from there a half dozen times. The pizza was just ok tasting, but about impossible to eat with the cheese/toppings sliding off (even if you tried to pinch-hold it, still a pain. The subs were dry and somewhat bland (tried roast beef and philly cheeesesteak). The fet. alfredo tasted a step above tv dinner. Service: We've only ever ordered delivery. The good is they are fast. They say 30 minutes and they are there in 10-15. However there's one kid (forgot name but he's short about 5'9 with short dark hair) who has delivered to us about 4 times. He never seems to have change when it works out that he'll get way too big of a tip and when I tried using a credit card he claimed his mobile credit card reader was broken.

Leslie's Pool Supplies

Great service

I came here knowing nothing about pools and the guy working there (I believe his name was Dave) could have ripped me off and sold me a bunch of stuff, but instead took the time to write down very detailed instructions on how to fix my pool water and explain everything very well and sold me just what I needed. I brought my sample back a week later and my water was perfect thanks to him! I don't know how their prices compare to other shops in town, but this guy's great customer service has made me a loyal customer.

RC Willey Home Furnishings

Several Bad Experiences

Why I keep returning to this place is beyond me - most likely because it's the only furn. store a mile away from my house. I've been there a half a dozen times now and each time, my experience is about the same. 1. Sales people are annoying. If you tell them you are just browsing and don't need help, they will continue following you and trying to push merchandise. 2. I decided to buy something. I get slip from salesperson. Take it to counter where I pay for it. I wait. Wait some more. There are 5 free people behind the counter. They see me, and I wave at them, but they don't come. Don't they want to sell me stuff? This is happened twice now. After 5 mins of waiting, i just crumble up the sales slip and toss it on the counter and leave. 3. My girl ordered a bed. They come and put it together, missing a vital piece so we can't sleep on it. She calls not too long after they leave and they say they will have to order it and it would take a few days to get. Back to sleeping on the floor in our new home. 4. They are like car salesmen. When replacing a boxframe, they told me $350. I said "noway - I paid $100 for it the firs time." They kept lowering the price until they settled on $145. This makes me not really want to buy anything again since I don't feel like haggling and now I know that the sticker price isn't the lowest price I can get. The only good about this RC is they have a decent selection, and sometimes their clearance items are cheap.

Sushi Bay

Great sushi for great price!

We've been to a lot of sushi bars in this town and they all seem to be hit & miss. Sometimes fresh, sometimes not. Sushi Bay is always fresh. Their service is fast and friendly. The prices are very good. I'm a pig and I can fill up on $15 there on really good sushi. I go to this place a few times a week and it's never a let down. If you're in the area, give it a shot - you won't be sorry. I recommend the phoeix roll, and philly crunch, the caterpillar, oh... and the paradise roll (expensive @ $10 but it is huge). We always get the tuna sashimi because it taste so fresh and you get so much for the price.

Kids R Kids

They lost my 2 year old

We used to take our 2 yr old son to this Kids R Kids a few years back. They had no locks on the gates in the play area and our son opened the gate and took a little walk. An older couple found him at the shopping center on the corner of Russell & Whitney Ranch, near a busy intersection (right next to the freeway ramp). Thank god the couple that found him were good people and brought him back to the daycare. The owners (big tall guy - don't remember name) had nothing but excuses. They said they werent legally allowed to lock those gates because it was a fire hazaard, that the girls watching him that day were temps, blah blah blah. My wife ended up quitting her career so she could stay home with our son and never have to risk losing him again. Needless to say, this experience had a huge impact on our lives.