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Gomes Cleaning

Didn't show up or bother to call

I contacted Gomes because I'm looking to change cleaning services. They responded quickly via email and set an appointment for an in-person quote about 3 weeks later (at my request). I waited for over an hour after the time we agreed upon, and they never showed up or even bothered to call. If they can't show up to gain a customer, I'd hate to see their actual cleaning services.

Georgia Reproductive Specialists (GRS)

No Nonsense Reproductive Help

When I didn't have a period for 6 straight months after going off birth control, my OB referred me to another reproductive specialist in Atlanta. That experience was a nightmare. I felt like no one listened to me, they just put me in their "standard process" of try this, if this doesn't work, try that. Before I knew it, I was on all sorts of drugs, with no explanation as to the side effects or possible long-term effects. Scared, and no where closer to pregnancy, after about 3 months of treatment I decided to go to an acupuncturist and try a more natural route. My acupuncturist recommended I see Dr. Perloe based on my symptoms (which were somewhat PCOS-like, and is his specialty), and the experience has been great. He was always up-front about the facts and what he was thinking in terms of my treatment plan. He listened to me, including when I would come into his office with my own research and information. I felt like a person - a specific person, with a specific problem - for whom he created a specific plan. I never felt forced into any decisions, and they let me proceed at my own pace with the information they provided. My only complaint would be that I still don't actually know what my "official" diagnosis was, despite a number of different drugs we tried. But in the end, my periods returned and after 2 years of frustration I'm 10 weeks pregnant. I would definitely go back if necessary for a second pregnancy.

Baben Designs

Great Designer!

Alix designed brochures and mailers for our out-of-town wedding guests to introduce them to Atlanta. She was easy to work with, listened to our ideas and input, and put together two beautiful pieces that our guests raved about! I would recommend her work to anyone.