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Tesoro Ristorante Italiano

Great Italian Food in a Family run Ristorante

Tesoro Italian Restaurant is our absolute favorite. Owned and operated by the DiFranco family, it is cozy and friendly. The food is fantastic with all dishes prepared by a father/daughter team. Other members of the family serve as the wait staff, while Filomina, the mother, circulates greeting customers and doing quality control. Prices are mid-range, and everyone we have had eat at Tesoro's with us have found it absolutely fabulous. And we have had over 23 other couples go with us. Tesoro is only open for dinner and they have nightly specials. Get over to Tesoro and have a great meal.

Johnson Refrigeration Trust

Great service and honest AC

Had to call Johnson Refrigeration on a Saturday morning. Phone was answered promptly and Mike discussed the problem. He said he would be out in about an hour, which is great service when your AC is not working. Mike showed up as promised and went right to work analyzing the problem. A burnt wire and bad capacitor was replaced in less than 30 minutes. Mike checked the freon levels and other things to make sure everything was working properly. With temperatures over 100, it was great to have the AC working so quickly and not having to wait until the next week. Mike didn't try to sell me a replacement for the 15 year old heat pump nor try to say something was wrong that wasn't. There was an up charge for a weekend call, but the rate was as good or better than other places. Definitely give them a call for maintenance or repair. We will call when we do have to replace the heat pump.

Francis & Sons Car Wash

Get the early bird special on Monday thru Thursday

This is the closest car wash to Desert Mountain High School. The managers are friendly and will correct a problem if you tell them about it. Had one employee that did the pre-wash (scrub off bugs, brush tires, soap up windows) that really took the time to work over my car and get most of the summer bug splats off. Prices have gone up in the last several months, but what else is new. If you get a coupon or go for the early bird on Monday through Thursday, you can get a couple dollars off to make the cost about $9.00, plus tip, and avoid the lines. Hand waxing is quick once your car gets in, but they use buffers to take the wax off, which can put swirls in your paint. The advisers are always upselling to add additional services (do you want tire dressing with that?). If you get your car washed a lot, the coupon books are worth it.


The $100 Club

We joke that this is really the $100 Club because you can't get out without spending over $100. Well sometimes. Wide variety of products that are great. Love the marinated tri-tip from Mortons. Just about the only place that we buy our paper products because of bulk quantities and cost. Checkers are always so busy and it would be nice if they had all checkout lanes open all the time because they do get backed up, especially on the weekends. Snack bar is a great value if you like hot dogs or pizza. The polish dog is a favorite of mine. Prices are good, but you have to be aware of what else is available at other stores. Changes in the return policy for electronics in the last year have made it not so attractive for some things, but TV warranties are extended to 2 years which is great for LCD TVs. Stock up on batteries here and get the giant jar of artichoke hearts!!

Wildflower Bread Company

Family likes the place

Ok, so I'm not a fan of this type of food, but with custom ordering, I can make a dish that I like. Wife and daughter love the bread bowl with soup inside. It is more than enough for a meal. The pasta (only available for dinner) is good and there is more than enough for anyone. At lunch I usually opt for the BLT Plus, but the toasted sourdough bread is pretty tough so most of the contents fall out while trying to chew. Staff is friendly, but rushed especially at regular meal times (lunch, dinner). Better to go between rush hours. Specialty drinks like the lemonade are fine, but it costs extra for a refill. Wife loves their brewed ice tea. Newly remodeled, the atmosphere is a little sterile now, but more room. Other Wildflower locations are much bigger, but noiser. Good place to take somone who likes the California healthy lunch.

Tomato Shack

No longer in business

The Tomato Shack has closed, but Spinatos which has filled it's space is great. Pizza, spaghetti, pasta, etc.

Melting Pot, The

Different and REALLY Expensive

I thought fondue went out in the 70's. Went for a special event. The wait staff was very friendly, especially to the birthday boy (upsetting his girlfriend). Our party came hungry but it took a while before the first cheese pot was ready. Because the warmers are centered on the table, only those closest to them can easily reach the fondue pots, otherwise you are always having to get up to dip the food. Salad selection was different, but the dressing seemed overly sweet. For the main course, all I could taste was the au jus that the meat was boiled in - a salty bullion taste. And then to have to wait several minutes for a small piece of meat to cook is not my idea of a fine dining experience. At the prices that are being charged (yes it is EXPENSIVE), you would think desert would be something other than rice krispie treats and coated marshmellows. You get that at summer camp. When the bill came, an automatic 20% tip was added AFTER TAX. Tip guidelines are to tip on the meal, but don't tip on the tax. And while the wait staff was good, most places with parties over 5 have an 18% tip rate. Maybe the manager was PO'd because we didn't buy any of their overpriced wine.


No Longer in business

This chinese food restaurant has closed. But we really like to go to Canton Dragon at 10190 N 90th Street (across from Home Depot). The walnut shrimp and chicken lo mein are great.

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill

A Standby for Dinner

Whenever we have trouble figuring out where to eat, Applebee's is always a standby. Service has not been consistent. Two visits ago we were seated quickly enough, but then no one approached our table to even provide water, so we left after 20 minutes. Our last visit, the wait staff was very attentive and the manager even stopped by to see how we were doing. The food is average, with the meat sometimes being overdone to make sure it is safe, so somewhat dry. The menu is refreshed frequently so if you have a favorite, it may not be there the next time. The kitchen sometimes has trouble with custom orders and the staff seems to change so frequently that you can't build a rapport with anybody there.

Papa John's

A little better pizza

Papa John's seems to be a little better than the other chain pizza places. The sauce is tasty (but ask for extra unless you like it real thin) and they have some unique ingredients, though we still end up with the usual. The garlic sauce is a favorite of my garlic loving son, but we could do without the pepperocinis that come with every pizza. This location is hard to get to and especially hard to get out of if you are heading east on Via Linda. Sometimes understaffed, and the staff always seems to be rushed.