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Exxon Corp

Most expensive gas around

Located at the corner of Ponce de Leon and Moreland Ave., this gas station is way overpriced. Their gas is 20 cents more per gallon then the Chevron just south on moreland ave. Head south on moreland to fill up if you want to save money.

Boulevard BP Food Mart

Expensive gas

This gas station is at a busy intersection pretty close to the interstate. Since it is pretty much a tourist trap, the gas is expensive. Keep driving north on Boulevard for cheaper gas.

Performance Exhaust

Great quality and great value

Performance exhaust is not a big chain like Tires Plus. However, this is a good thing. You get personalized service with professional mechanics. It seems like their service is cheaper than most of the other mechanics I have used. They are not nice and are not trying to take u for a ride.

Bond Community Federal Credit Union

A great place to bank

I have been a amember at Bond for years. It is way better than Bank of America or Wachovia. They are friendly when you come in and they often greet you by your first name. I totally trust them with my money.

Pimsler Hoss Architects Inc

A great business

This architectural firm has great credentials. They have worked on many different kinds of jobs. They have designed BMW dealerships, residential developments, and wolf camera video stores. They have become very succesful from word of mouth. They are not the cheapest architects around but you pay for the excellent quality.

Blockbuster Video

good service but expensive

I am not much of a fan of blockbuster. It is usually very crowded and sometimes the employees are not that helpful.

Bank of America

stay away

This bank is always crowded. If you have to speak to anyone besides the teller, you better have some time on your hands. I have had them hold one of my checks for 19 days before i could access my money. Poor quality service. They are all about making money from you.

Best Buy

its just another best buy

THey have a great selection just like any best buy. Usually pretty fast service. Their stuff just isnt that cheap. I usually shop around.

Ru San's

best, cheapest sushi u can find

Ru San's is great. You get greeted when u come in and feel special. They have $1 sushi every day. This includes all the favorites like the Clifornia roll and tempura. You will get very full for around $8. U cant beat the price and the atmosphere.

Domino's Pizza

good pizza

Located in emory, this dominoes has good pizza. They offer a $4.99 large one topping on wednesdays. It is pick up only but its worth it. Also if u need delivery theyre fast.