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West York Ambulance Inc

Posted on: 10/9/2008

they did nothing, left my wife die, and billed me.

My wife suffered a severe nosebleed and the west york medics arrived, decided they could do nothing, and called for help from someone else. Now I am being billed for "services rendered" which consisted of nothing more than letting my wife die, and making a phone call to get more help. During the time of the phone call, my wife bled to death in their presence. I do not believe these people should be paid to do nothing. If I could have been there, I would have at least known to do whatever was necessary to slow or control the bleeding. Finger in her nose, or packing, or anything to slow or stop the blood flow would have helped. None of this was done by the "professionals", and I was unable to help because I was 500 miles away. All I got was a phone call from my sister-in-law that Carole "didn't make it" and a bill from west york ambulance. The bill will not be paid, and my lawyer will assure that fact. I appreciate the fact that they responded ... I do not appreciate the fact that they watched her die, while waiting for someone else to come and help. Widow, David Eveler. <> My deepest apology to Kudzo if this review is "out of bounds", but it is true and factual. Feel free to reply.

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