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North Fulton Pest Solutions

Shady company; ratings are questionable

In 2013, we paid NFPS > $3,000 for rat exclusion. They also tried to sell insulation. We did purchase an annual pest warranty which we had to use 2-3 times. We had a new roof installed discovered that some of the metal flashing between the soffit and shingles had been damaged. We let NFPS know along with suggesting rat activity and they immediately rescinded and voided our warranty and then picked up all their traps including my own. Then, they said it would cost $1,000 (arbitrary cost without even looking at the damage)to fix the metal flashing along the roof line and another $250 to reinstate the warranty. I spoke with Blake Edwards and I asked him twice: So, you don't want me as a customer even though I am having my roofers correct the situation and you are not willing to inspect, reinstate our warranty and retain a customer? His response: "No". Then, they referred me to another company who would be interested in reinstating our warranty! Don Edwards of this company understood that roofers make mistakes and that all I wanted was to re-inspect and make sure it meets pest standards. He also made the insulation pitch. I suspect Don and Blake are brothers. Don said he would call back to schedule a visit. Never heard back but a week later, a pest company shows up unannounced to "inspect". $250 later, it's "fixed" but caught three since then and one just last night. Shame on me for being fooled twice. They don't give a rats behind about customers.

Kimberly Painting, LLC

Daniel and team are excellent!

I am in the process of selling my house and needed most of the interior painted. The job included bedroom and bathroom walls, ceilings, trim, wallpaper removal among other things. Upon meeting with Daniel for the first time, he listened and took notes and provided good feedback. He quickly understood what I was looking for with each room. Communication was excellent and Daniel and his team arrived on time and finished within the stated timeframe. The job they performed was excellent, clean and very nice. I highly recommend Daniel and Kimberly Painting. In fact, I have asked them to consider painting my new house. Price quoted was about middle of the road but I felt confident in Daniel's capabilities. The quote came in about a day or two after the initial meeting.

The Stump Man, LLC

Professional, courteous, fast, competent!!!

Jeff (The Stumpman) Walker is one of the nicest, most considerate people you will ever meet. He responded to my email shortly after I submitted the request to remove a pine tree stump from a fallen tree in my front yard. Later that day, he happened to be in the area and politely asked if it was ok to stop by. Within minutes, my stump was removed and the yard looks a lot better without that sore sight sticking out. Thank you Stump Man. I definitely recommend your business.

Southern Perfection Painting, Inc.

Professional, clean, honest, nice, hard working

I went with SPP because they called me back about once a week to check in. It wasn't the type of call that was annoying that you get with some companies. They were very patient in waiting for me to perform due diligence. The crew did a fantastic job prepping/caulking the outside of my house prior to painting. There was an initial issue with my quote because of miscommunication on my part. It was among the best quotes I received out of six. Overall, a great professional quality team (Anthony and Adrian) and my house looks great. I'm glad I went with Southern Perfection Painting.

Acura Carland

They don't value your life - ZERO STARS

I have a 2003 Acura TL-S and about a year after I bought the car in May of 2002, it had transmission problems. Around that time, it was well-known that the car had a recall and issues with the transmission. After they "fixed" the problem, my transmission starting acting up again another year later. This time, they said they would replace the transmission all under warranty. Well, my transmission has problems again. So, I called Carland in Duluth and they wanted me to drive the car from Roswell to Duluth. I told them that I could barely drive it yet they still wanted me to get up there via tow truck so they could look at it all out of pocket. Knowing the transmission history and my car service history, they should of been a little more sympathetic. So, I took it to another Acura dealer. What I found out was that Carland never replaced the tranmission on my second visit, they just applied a "band-aid" (gear box). Who knows why they didn't replace the transmission the second time around but it's obvious that they had little concern over my safety despite an impending class action lawsuit, transmission recall, and Acura issued an extended warranty because of this issue. It's a shame that another dealer has to tell me about the real problem and are going to actually make an effort to eliminate them. If anything good came out of this, it's that I saw a real difference in treatment between two different Acura dealership companies.

I recently had my yard aerated, overseeded, and top dressed. My yard was essentially brown and dead from this past summer. I consider this project a good first step to getting my lawn in a consistent good shape. Timberline also followed up with a re-dressing to cover those spots that didn't quite come in. The grass they use is very good and dense. The color is amazing. I'll use them again in the spring.