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Drexinger, Bernard R MD

Posted on: 10/27/2008

Are Doctors void of compassion?

I was worked in to see Dr. Drexinger today after having a seizure 5 days ago. Dr. D walks in to the treatment room and explains to me, and my friend, that he was called at 3 in the morning from the ER the night I had my seizure (I'm not sure why as I was released from the ER by 10:30pm). He is angry. He says my husband was not nice to his staff when he made the appt for which I was currently in the office. My husband was not rude but did want to understand why I was not worked in the day after my seizure as opposed to 5 days later. Dr. D said that the way he saw it I just needed to take my meds and not drive. I started to ask a question and he put his hand up to stop my talking and said again to take my meds and not drive. Was he angry that his sleep had been interrupted by a call from the ER? Did Dr. D want me to come in just so he could berate me? Is this something that is now taught in med school? When I tried the day after my seizure to get an appt with him, I left 3 messages with his office--none of which were returned. Also, if dictated notes are important, I would love to share with you the references to "my comic" jerks as well as other errors in usage of the English language. If you want a neurologist that does not listen and who appears to take pleasure in being mean to his clients this is your man.

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