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Posted on: 7/15/2009


NEVER AGAIN - I felt I had an emergence with my female Eclectus parrot. We found her in her cage very lethargic and would not open her eyes until I took her out of the cage. She appeared very droopy and weak. We called Highlands Bird & Vet Clinic and they saw the bird right away (the only good thing).. The owner vet was not friendly at all and kept the bird to do tests. She called after about an hour and suggesting keeping the bird over the weekend for observation. I asked how much that would cost - she said between $400 to $700 since it was a holiday weekend - I told her no thank you and that I would observe and would take her to an emergence vet if need be. I picked Scarlet up a few hours later. The bill was almost $500 for an xray and a blood test AND THE VET WROTE "OWNER REFUSED EMERGENCE TREATMENT" ON THE BILL. She did add a telephone number for an emergence vet service. She said the xray showed an impacted egg and the bird was in very serious condition. She also said the blood was bad just by looking at it. We took Scarlet home for an uneventful weekend, in fact she improved a lot. The vet called Mon morning and said Scarlet's blood test was really bad. She is very low on calcium (impacted egg), she has a bad liver and a few other emergence items. She suggested taking her to Dr Onorati in Des Moines (a bird expert) ASAP. She fax'd all tests reports and xrays to him NO EGG -LIVER & CALCIUM OK - SIMPLE INFECTION..

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