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Odom, Sydney Howard MD

avoid Dr. S. Howard Odom if you can

Frightening experience: pre-surgery antibiotics had not been given, and I was frantically speaking to Dr. Odom about this in the OR. Instead of addressing my concern, he clamped the face mask on me. No antibiotics, the administration of which had been agreed to by the surgeon long before the surgery, were given. He also refused to give them after the surgery, and the nurses had to reach the surgeon to have them administered then. He was not only impolite, to say the least, but put my health in jeopardy by refusing to administer the agreed-upon antibiotics.

J and J's Landscape


We hired J and J's to spread wood chips for us. We paid them $400 to move all the chips at least 24" away from the trees and to a depth of no more than 3". When I came home, I found they had moved all of the wood chips to *within* 24" of the trees, thus jeopardizing the trees' health. They refused to correct the problem; the owner even screamed at me in my own yard! When he was the one at fault. Not only did we have to pay someone else to properly spread the wood chips, but I have never been, in fifteen years of hiring contractors, treated with such blatant lack of professionalism as I was by this company. Beware.

J and J's Landscape -  J and J's idea of properly spreading mulch

Window Genie of Atlanta

Try another contractor

I hired them through Angie's List, and they charged $45 to my credit card instead of the stated (in the Angie's List "Big Deal") $5. Be cautious in giving them your credit card information. (They did eventually reverse the overcharge, but they defended the false charges until I told them how I would rate them on Angie's List.)


We were delighted with Fish Window's work!

We hired Fish Window to do pressure washing for us. Their bid was the most reasonable. The owner has great initiative, too. He came the morning I requested help and emailed me his bid before I even got to the office. He had already measured all the areas that needed cleaning, determined what degree of cleaning would be required (the concrete had not been cleaned in some time), etc., and all of that was included in his bid. They did beautiful work, and we could not be more pleased. We will definitely be using this contractor again.

Atlanta Pressure and Steam

Avoid, avoid, avoid!

Beware Atlanta Pressure and Steam. They charge more than twice what other contractors do. They charged us $550 for pressure washing a driveway and two patios. I didn't wait for the other bids, and they both came in at $220. When I tried to call to cancel Atlanta Pressure, the owner wouldn't accept my calls, disregarded my texts, and of course his voice mailbox was full. I had to send a neighbor to get him to call me. Of course, by then, he said he had already put down $150 in chemicals and would have to charge for that. My one request was that he move the birdfeeder out of harm's way. Nonetheless, when I got home, I found the feeder covered in his chemicals and had to dismantle and clean the entire feeder, not an insignificant job. Icing on the cake: he destroyed part of our lawn by blasting it with chemicals; I have no idea why he attacked the lawn. See photos of the section of what was all-green lawn; now we have a large brown section that looks as though it was bombed. The "Pressure" in Atlanta Pressure is the force the owner will exert on you to sign up with him quickly. Don't make the mistake I did.

Atlanta Pressure and Steam -  blasted lawn
Atlanta Pressure and Steam - blasted lawn
Atlanta Pressure and Steam -  blasted lawn
Atlanta Pressure and Steam -  blasted lawn

Academy Roofing

If you want the best, choose Academy Roofing

First, they give you a list of what to do to get ready for the work - who else does that? Second, they came early and brought a double crew so that our pets would be disturbed for only half the day instead of the entire day. Third, they did a beautiful job for a great price. Fourth, they told me what we could do to keep the roof from being damaged (by overhanging tree limbs). Fifth, they cleaned my nasty gutters (for free). Sixth, they were much more professional than any of the other roofers we contacted. Overall, I couldn't have been more impressed, more relieved, or more satisfied. If you want quality, professionalism, and a very fair price, Academy Roofing would be your choice.

Don't waste your money or your animal's health by going here. They charge for services they don't perform, and they charge (as of 2011) $370 for a spay, $370 for a dental, and god knows how much to "transport" your pet from this location to their St. Mountain location. They also charged us $30 for treating our cat's ear mites and $30 for Acarexx ear mite take-home treatment. They didn't even clean her ears; they didn't treat her for ear mites, and they didn't give us the Acarexx. So unprofessional and fraudalent billing, to boot. Go elsewhere if you value your pet. They don't even answer the phone; you have to call repeatedly to get someone to return your call. And they enlist the receptionists as faux vet techs. Don't make the mistake we did; go to a reputable, professional vet b/c these guys are neither.

Dream Land Pet Memorial Center

None better

Dream Land treated us as though we were their only clients - from our first contact through our last. They showed more respect for our beloved Casey than that for which I could have hoped from anyone, and they exceeded every promise of service they made. They took the kind of care of Casey that I could only have wished for, and the paw print, dignity urn, and fur clipping are each more than I expected and healing to have. In the past, we had to go search for urns or a box, and we found that task alone to be distressing. To have such a handsome box provided, not to mention the paw print, shows that Dream Land understands and honors your love for your pet and the extent of your loss. We will never patronize another memorial center.

Center for Medicine, Endo & Diabetes

Skip the doctors at CMED!

I've seen both Victor Silverman and Aditi Bhaduri. Neither one would help me. Dr. Silverman is downright rude and not a good doctor: he told me you couldn't have insulin resistance without diabetes (wrong). Dr. Bhaduri, just like Dr. Silverman, won't tell you what your lab results are, even when they are dangerously abnormal. Go somewhere else and run there!