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Pro Carpet

This wasn't theft of service it was no service!!!

I believe I speak for every unsatisfied customer on Kudzu about this company when I say they are not reputable, and as far as taking me to collections for theft of services I believe we will let my credit card company dispute that for me. As a company you really cannot take someone to collections until you go through a proper process. This company would not have so many unsatisfied customers if they would just give more customer service when a problem occurs instead of posting threats of collections on this site. It could be handled in a more amicable way.

Prestige Roofing and Exteriors

No service after the sale!!!

I had a roof put on by this company and 6 yrs later I now have a roof leak. It's a small leak around the vent pipe that comes out of the bathroom. I thought I would call this company since they were the original roofers. I thought wrong. They will not call you back, they are rude. They only want new customers and do not want to service existing customers. I guess my money isn't green enough for them. Bottom line is if your looking for a reputable company look elswere.

Prestige Roofing and Exteriors

Don't expect the owner to ever call you back

I used this company 6 yrs ago now I have a roof leak and the owner will not me back instead he tells me to go to his website and fill out the info there. Don't use this company they are not reputable and if you have a problem they will not fix it!!!

Prestige Roofing Inc

Don't Use this company no customer service

The owner of this company will not call you back so if you have a problem he just tells you to go to his website and fill out what is wrong. Poor customer service, actually no customer service stay away from this roofing company. I don't care how desperate you are to get your roof fixed. Don't use them !!