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Bernstein, Richard B MD

one trick pony

This doctor seems smart, providing some interesting insight into my back pains, and did make things better with a cocktail of prescriptions. But then it went south again, and when I tried to get a follow up appointment, there was a big runaround and eventually I was told "oh then the doctor can't help you" basically telling me they did everything they could. huh? after two or three appointments and a couple of rx? so in short I was dumped by my doctor. do not recommend.

Laura Murphy Bleekrode PC

Easily one of the best in Georgia

We've struggled to find an experienced pediatrician who is pragmatic, down to earth, yet very progressive. We tried numerous doctors in Atlanta and they all seem to be cut of the same rigid, traditional cloth. Not Dr. Bleekrode. We are thankful to find her; not only did she meet all of our needs and provide excellent service, but she's just a warm person who genuinely cares about your children. Absolutely the best.

Nadolne, Brian Keith MD

Subpar practice

I think as a medical professional Dr Nadolne has some very competent methods and good experience. My early interactions with him were generally positive and he helped to identify some isues before they became significant. That's where the good experience ends. Over time, some of the problems I experienced: 1) waiting. always waiting. 2) front desk staff is unprofessional, seem to always be engaged in personal talk and bothered when they have to attend to patients, 3) record keeping is disastrous, unable to get them to provide follow up prescriptions and documentation without mistake after mistake. To the point it became a bit of a joke. 4) In follow up visits, Dr. Nadolne was preoccupied, couldn't easily follow my history, starting to fall back on routine responses. In a nutshell, Dr Nadolne needs to re-invent his practice and get the overall operation fixed before he can provide good family medicine.

I've tried about four dentists in the last five years and this is the best by far. I was hesitant at first because when I first went, the fancy deco, pic of beauty pageant contestants, the massage cair, etc. it seemed like it might be one of those places that push veneers and whitening and all that... I'm a regular guy who just wanted a good dentist with a good hygienist. With Dr. Patel, that's what I got. He's a nice guy who listens, does not offer anything you don't really need, and has a really competent and sweet staff. All of that other stuff is there for those who want it, good business sense. I highly recommend this dentist, don't hesitate to try him.

Luke, J Patrick MD

Highly recommend for surgery

In short, he is clearly a smart and seasoned surgeon. In a quiet and no-nonsense fashion, he walked through the condition, surgical steps to address, the risks, and his personal process for minimizing those risks. I'd never had surgery, so I was really hesitant about the whole thing. Last minute concerns to the point that I was looking to postpone the procedure just one business day prior. Dr. Luke and his staff did not complain, but instead simply walked through the issues and made me feel better about the entire thing. They clearly stated that they wanted me to feel good about it, and did not want me to do anything that I was not comfortable with. I am now recovering with minimal pain and the incision looks great. After it was over, the lab reports showed that my case could have easily had complications, but I'm convinced Dr. Luke's experience and precautionary methods managed to make it 'just another' successful surgery.