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Does not fix the root of the problem

The system Trotter and other similar companies install does not fix the real problem most homes have, which is poor drainage, downspouts dumping directly against the foundation, and improper construction. Their system merely catches water that gets into your basement and than diverts it to a pump which pumps it outside. They also install a fan that continually draws out air from you basement. (Air that you have paid to heat and cool by the way). For this rather crude "system" they charge many thousands of dollars. In some cases there really is no better solution, but I have seen quite a few cases where the problem could have been solved by simply running drains off the downspouts and maybe reshaping the contours of the yard to divert rainwater AWAY from the house, before it even enters your home. In my opinion they take advantage of the ignorance of homeowners and will always try to sell your their "system", which is really no more than a backwards engineered Rube Goldberg fix.

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