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An aweful experiance from installation to Checkup

This review is late coming, but we tried to get a checkup of our units and Reliable has jerked us around again. In 2010, we purchased 2 units from Reliable. 1 upstairs, 1 downstairs. Their sales person messed the quote up many times. Once we got it straightened out, they installed the wrong unit Downstairs. We had to staighten that out. They finally put the correct unit down stairs. It required an exhaust pipe (May not be correct term-it is High efficiency unit). They cut a Huge square hole in the side of the house for a round pipe. They put 2 inches of Silicon around it. They installed my upstairs unit. They punctured the system so the Freon (Whatever is the Cooling agent) leaked out. We had to call them back to fix it. We replaced the upstairs unit because of a Freon leak. We did not discover that reliable had messed up until the next day. The system was blowing hot air within an hour of them leaving. 6 weeks ago we scheduled a checkup for today (Hoped they would be better). My wife was told between 2 and 5. They did not show so she called. She was told that they do between 2 and 9PM. You have to cancel a whole day. They will never set foot in my home again. Dan Jape fixed the Side up my house after I spoke to him personally. We are done with them. I wish I had not scheduled the service with them.

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