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Carmel Valley Pet Clinic

Be Aware of Gross Carelessness

Before my cat received a dental cleaning, I informed the vet and his assistant that he might not be the best patient. They said they handle cats all the time, not to be worried. When I picked my cat up after surgery, I asked if there were any behavior problems (scratching) and was told “no” by BOTH vet and assistant. The next night, I noticed that each one of my cat's claws (front and back) were cut down to the quick. In fact, three of his claws were so short they were bleeding and cracked down the middle, causing one of them to be broken in half. I called twice asking what happened since I was not informed of any problems in the first place. Finally, I was told that my cat was friendly at first but then became "upset", which prompted them to cut his nails so “he could not climb over any barriers.” She told me the doctor was scratched resulting in them cutting my cat’s nails. I stated this was the first time I was hearing about anything negative, especially after four interactions with his office, and had to discover his butchered nails myself. My experience with this vet was so unfortunate and I will certainly never return. The vet appeared to be knowledgeable; therefore, I felt (notice the past tense used) confident leaving him there. HOWEVER, I caution prospective animal owners to think twice before taking your beloved pet to this facility.