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Parkman Home Inspections, LLC

Ever get the feeling you've made a huge mistake?

We certainly have after living in our current home for fourteen years. It was inspected by a home inspector our realtor recommended (chalk it up to first time buyer naivete). This has cost us more money than I care to think about. Now, I understand that no one can possibly catch everything. That said, when we went under contract for a new home I was determined to find someone I felt good about. Enter Mike Parkman. Mike was on time, incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. He listened to our concerns and then thoroughly inspected our home. On completion, Mike educated us on his biggest concerns and pointed out where they were. Most impressive was the pooling water Mike found with a thermal imaging camera.I know our last inspector would have never caught that. Our inspection was in the morning and we were provided a comprehensive online report ordered from most troublesome problems to the tiniest details that same day. Thanks to Mike, I feel like we were able to ask for our biggest concerns to be repaired and know what we need to plan for in the future. I will absolutely be recommending Mike to anyone I know looking to buy a home.

Edens Heating and Cooling

A refreshing change

My wife and I definitely bought into a "fixer upper" this has led to encounters with a good variety of techs, contractors and the like. All of these experiences have made us truly appreciate how rare a company like Edens is. On time, knowledgeable, reasonably priced and completely willing to be held accountable for their work. You can find SOME of these qualities in most companies but it's hard to find all of these in any (especially the accountability). For over the past year they have helped maintain our ancient systems (without plundering our pockets or pressuring us) until we were financially ready (or at least as ready as we were ever going to get)to replace them. I would absolutely recommend them.