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Posted on: 4/5/2010

Forced into 'urgent' preventive maintenance

A couple of weeks ago, we place a request on (don't believe that site's rating, my review never got published there) to check our roof after noticing blown off shingles. Over the phone, without even ever inspecting our roof, John from Full House Roofing (FHR) determines that we need to change the boots and wants us to accept a quote for that extra service. We refuse such unfounded quote but accept FHR’s offer to send a crew to have a look at the roof since rain was forecasted the next day. We'd expect the crew around 5:00pm. 6:30pm, nobody showed up yet and it's getting dark. We call FHR to cancel. Later that evening, I hear foot steps and hammering on the roof ! The crew showed up anyway (never got the message ?) and started to work without even contacting us in the house !! While the crew is on the roof working in the dark and answering various phone calls, discussions with John reveals that FHR imposes a minimum charge to even show up -hence the extra recommended 'preventive maintenance'. Not knowing what exactly is happening on my roof (all I know at that point is that the crew asked me to provide them with shingles) I end up approving the ‘over the phone’ quote so the crew would finish the work started that evening. May my lesson learned the hard way help others not falling in the same trap.

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