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Super Bright Cleaning Service

Posted on: 5/14/2010

satisfied and clean BUT...

my major concern were the floors. Lupita came to my home and brought all her cleaning needs. She did a great job in my restroom, however the products she used had a very strong chemical scent to it. I don't think she sanitized the place? I noticed she just sprayed down everything and started wiping away and scrubbed when necessary. The sponges looked really old and used when she was using it clean. I was a little skeptical but I just let her do her job. She did a great job in the kitchen and in the room. The one thing that bugged me the most was she kept using the same water from the restroom and the kitchen. I asked her did she need new water and she said no. She used the water to clean my floors and I found that really disgusting. She just used a cloth and attached it to her sweeper and started running it through the floor. I thought this was a very inefficient way of cleaning the floors. There were some stains on the ground that she said wouldn't come off. I mean com'on... look at what you're using... A CLOTH! and she tried to scrub it off with the cloth and she told me it isn't coming off. I decided to go over and pick at it and it came off. Thats when she whipped out her scour pad and really scrubbed the stain off. She did that throughout the house and I had to make sure it wasn't really coming off. I'm satisfied but I just didn't like how she didn't go the extra mile to really see if the stains weren't removable. Also I wished the products she used weren't so strong.

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